Monday, April 19, 2010

The rain is not in Spain! It´s in El Salvador

So this week it has started to rain a little bit!  I like it and I am always prepared.  Every day I bring my umbrella it doesn´t rain and then every day I don´t bring my umbrella it rains.  So pretty much I can tell the forecast by whether or not I want to bring my umbrella with me.  It is kind of funny.  But then one day I brought an umbrella and a bag to keep my books dry and then it starting pouring really hard.  We were in a lesson and we had to end the lesson because the house had a tin roof and we couldn´t hear anything.  I was so excited to go out in the rain with my umbrella but then my companion said we couldn´t go out because she didn´t have an umbrella or a bag to protect her books.  I was bummed and we just sat there for a half an hour before it stopped raining.  Luckily for her it didn´t rain very long.

This week we got to help some lady clean corn.  Here in El Salvador they have different kinds of coffee: café de maíz, café de palo, café de soya and more!  But the only one that people can´t drink is café de palo.  I guess literally it is stick coffee.  So anyway, we helped some lady wash her corn to make café de maíz (or corn coffee which sounds so much better). I didn´t really know what to do so I just kind of swished my hands in the water with the corn.  Then what you do with the corn kernels is you burn them over a fire.  But the next time we went to visit her, she gave a bag of her home made corn coffee.  It smelled like burnt popcorn.  When we got home I was really excited to try it out.  So we made some and it tasted terrible!  Then my companion told me that I am suppose to add sugar.  So I added sugar till it tasted good.  So just so you know, a cup of corn coffee tastes really good with about 10 spoonfulls of sugar.  I think next time I will leave out the coffee and just have a cup of hot sugar water.
When we went to church this man was wearing a tie that had a picture of the Guatemala temple on it and underneath it said WWJD.  For all of you who don´t know, that stands for What Would Jesus Do.  My companion asked him if those were his initials and he said he had no idea what they were.  I told her that it is a phrase in english.  She looked at me and then looked back at him and talked about what it could mean for another 5 minutes.  I don´t know, maybe I didn´t explain myself well enough.

The language is coming along.  It is nice to have a companion that I can ask questions about the language and now I wonder how did Hermana Cash and I even function as a companionship because neither of us are close to being fluent.  But my new companion is patient with me.  She decided last transfer that she should try to learn english and that she wants to learn it but she doesn´t know that much.  I try to help but sometimes I have no idea what she says.

This week we are having a baptism!  Her name is Claudia Viana and we have been working with her for about 2 months.  She is the aunt of two members.  She was ready to be baptized a month ago but then we found out that she had problems with the law of chastity.  She has a little girl but we didn´t think that the father was in her life at all.  So, she has been trying to get rid of him for a month and she finally did and wants to be baptized on Friday.  We were really excited.  It is just to bad that Hermana Cash couldn´t be here to enjoy the moment.  We are excited to have another baptism.  I can´t wait because I can see how much Claudia wants it.

Well, I am excited to hear from everyone again next week.  Remember the church is true!  I have been reading all the conference talks from October and I can really see that I have changed and that my desire to be a better person has greatly increased.  I am happy to be a part of this great and marvelous work.

Hermana Bush

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