Friday, November 12, 2010


Hola familia!

One week more.  So here is the big news:  we had cambios (transfers) but I am still in the same place.  But I had to say goodbye to Hermana Ramirez and Hermana Clark.  Now I am with Hermana Salazar who is brand spanking new.  She is from Honduras.  She is just a small little thing too.  I am sure we look really funny together.  It is different to just be in the house with her because I got used to having 3 in the house.  It is also funny because I can hear the difference in her accent.  Most of the missionaries are from Guatemala and the accent is similar to that of here but she is new and so she still has an accent and still uses her Honduras slang which I don´t understand.  I never realized the difference in words between countries but they use a different word for ¨store¨ and ¨kid¨.  Pura catracha.  That means pure Honduranean.  She is my second companion from Honduras and only my third native companion.  How strange.  I have pretty much spent most of my mission to this point with gringas.  I also had to teach my companion about the money down here.  El Salvador uses money from the states and I just never thought that she wouldn´t know how to use it.  It really just never crossed my mind until this morning when we were going to ride the bus. I told her it was 20 cents and she was staring at the coins and then asked me how much they were worth.  It is kind of confusing because a quarter say ¨quarter¨ and doesn´t say 25 cents and a dime says ¨dime¨ and not 10 cents.  And it doens´t help that it is in another language.  I am glad that I didn´t have to learn a different currency.
Just a funny little story.  I asked Hermana Salazar if she had any pets at home.  And she said ¨Yes, my grandma.¨ I started to laugh and repeated ¨Mascotas¨ which means pets because I thought that she just heard me wrong but it turns out that her grandma lives with her and has pets.

This week has gone by fast because we have been in meetings almost all week and taking Hermana Salazar to meet the ward.  Last week we found a family and we are so happy about that.  The mom is the most positive.  She is 26 years old and had gone to church a long time ago with a ex boyfriend but she told us yesterday that she went and loved it but didn´t understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and now she realized that if it is true, then that means a lot of things.  She said that she wants this for her family.  They have two little kids and she wants her family to have a better life.  We are so happy and we are excited to continue teaching them.  We are trying harder and harder to work with the ward.  This email is kind of short but know that I love it here.  The members are great and they are helping us little by little.  Oh, another thing is that we are teaching this teenage girl named Laura.  She is the daughter of an inactive member.  The elders before taught her but dropped her because she never wanted to go to church.  We have been going with youth to visit her and she committed to going to church last week and she went!  She said that she liked it and that she is feeling her faith grow and that before we came she had absolutely no faith.  We are excited for her.
I love you all!  Thanks for everything.

Hermana Bush

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  1. Hey, I love background picture of the blog. It looks so El Salvadorian. Great picture of the national bird too! I loved Crystal's letter, as usual. Now she has a greenie to train!