Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi family!

We are really happy because we had a baptism on Saturday and we got to have it in the new chapel. Hermana Ena got baptized and she is so great. I can imagine her being Relief Society President or something. I had such a sweet experience with her. And I mean sweet as in special and not meaning cool. Right after she was baptized, I took her her towel. I asked her how she felt and she looked at me and said, ¨I feel like crying¨ and then started sobbing. She said that she felt pure joy. It was such a tender moment. The whole baptism was just a special experience (beside the fact that the man who was going to baptize her showed up 45 minutes late). But the members said that it was extra special also and not just for being in the chapel but because of the person that got baptized. It was really beautiful.

At the baptism we met a young woman who said that she went to church last week with her older brother who is member and wants to baptized. That was a miracle. She went to church yesterday too. She is small but knows what she wants and talks like an adult. Every day we are counting our blessings from being here in this ward especially with the opening of the church building.

On sunday we had our the meeting in the new chapel. Normally our attendance is 120 but yesterday we had 210 people in sacrament. But most were from the stake. The chapel is really pretty and it is not just because I had been in El Salvador for a year. Although I can say how cool it is to have a pulpit that moves up and down. But all the members are in love with the chapel. And since all the stake was there, it was like having a family reunion for me because I saw all my old friends from Chalchuapa.

This week we have been really stretched for time. There is so much to do and too little time to do it. We had a meeting last week in Santa Tecla and this week we have two. Today, my companion had an appointment to go to the doctor and so we went to San Salvador (an hour and a half in bus) got there, found out at the office we had to take two buses to get there, went there and then they said that they couldn´t do the exam without a doctor´s referral. First of all, I have never heard of a doctor´s referral in El Salvador. To buy drugs you don´t even need a prescription. So, we got back on the bus to come home. We were both annoyed because it was our whole pday wasted away. But I am over it. Right now we are going to a recent convert´s house to eat pupusas so all our problems will be forgotten soon. But while we were in San Salvador we took the opportunity to take pictures of the temple. Nobody knows when the temple will be dedicated. Recently people are saying June. I´ll keep you posted on the latest temple gossip.

I love you all very much and I am so happy to be here.

Hermana Bush

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