Monday, February 7, 2011

The Big News

The big news this week is we finally know when the temple will be dedicated! The dedication is the 21st of August! Well, now we know. This week has been kind of uneventful. We are now a trio. We got our new companion straight from the package. Her name is Hermana Santos and she is from....Honduras. It is strange that the majority of the Latin sisters are from Honduras and they just keep coming. She has got a lot of spunk but definitely misses Honduras. But we are going to change that. It is better here.

We are teaching a very interesting investigator. His name is Jaime Climaco. He has gone to church twice and we put a baptismal date with him for the 12th of February but the problem with Jaime Climaco is the typical evangelical church goer. ¨Everything is good¨ and ¨It is all one God¨. He believes everything which is good but he would also believe me if I said that I saw a vision that he should jump off a cliff. The day after we put a date with him we passed an evangelical cult near his house and there he was. So we are really confused about Jaime. Our district leader went with us one day and he too said that Jaime is very strange because has such a evangelical base and normally people like that don´t want to get baptized. We are going to see. We don´t want to go on if he is just ¨collecting¨ baptisms but we don´t know if his intentions are sincere or not. We are hoping for the best.

I am sending you a picture of Zona Chalchuapa this time. The best thing about this transfer is that there are 3 of us from Colorado! I have never been in a zone with another person from Colorado. We are truly a select group:) A while ago someone told me that I was from Maryland now but I still can´t claim it. I am sitting next to our new
companion Hermana Santos. I just can´t think of anything to write. How boring. I spent a lot of my free time this week reading Our Heritage which I finished and it was a very interesting book.

We are also teaching another guy named Giovanni who is the husband of a member. He has a lot of doubts but I think that we are closer than ever. He has talked to a ton of missionaries. But the difference this time is that they just had a baby and his wife wants them to be an eternal family. We went yesterday with the Elders quorum President and we had such a good lesson about the plan of salvation and we tied in the importance of the restoration and talked about his own desires and why he thinks it is important to find out for himself. He really is a powerful guy and will make a powerful convert. It is kind of fun being around new missionaries. They have their own trials and ajustments to make in order to put their whole heart in the work and I always feel really grateful to be a missionary. Really there is no greater calling. Right now it is really strange because there are other gringos in the cyber café and I am wondering out of all the places in El Salvador what are they doing in Chalchuapa? They actually kind of have a European vibe to them.

Well, I love you all so much. I love the gospel and I love being in El Salvador even though we sweat like pigs every day. The hot season is coming and I am realizing that I forgot how hot it does get here because it is only going to get worse! Oh no!

I love you
Hermana Bush


  1. I see her name Hermana Bush in curly-cue letters at the top left of the board. Too bad she didn't tell us where the other Colorado Missionaries are from. Not that it really matters but it's fun to know. FYI I will always think that the Bush family members are from Colorado, not Maryland.

  2. I was wondering who the Colorado missionaries were, too! We're just completing one year in Maryland! We experienced an unusually hot summer and unusually cold winter. We don't know what is is really supposed to be like here!

  3. So now we know. The dedication is on August 21st. Eli is already booking his flight.

  4. I'm so glad I finally found this blog!!! It looks like Hermana Bush is doing well. I have been so bad at writing her but it is my goal to write THIS WEEK!
    Not to be trunky for her, but she will be coming home in May, right? Do you know what her plans are this summer/fall? Ashley and I are looking into housing for next fall, and if you want, Sister Bush, I can look for Crystal as well. I'd be glad to help since I know you're far away (even farther than before!). I am here in Provo and I'm happy to help in any way that you need - registration, housing, whatever. Just let me know!