Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello family!

I can´t believe that it is already April! Time is flying by. We had a little activity today with 3 other zones and about 5 Elders asked me when I was going home. But it is really strange to think that in less than a month I will be sleeping on the couch in the family room. No, I am only joking about that but really it is strange. People go through their whole missions (especially me because I was with the nurse) seeing other people going home and thinking how weird is that and I never thought that my time would actually come. But I still have 3 weeks left and we are hoping to see many miracles. We have found a lot of positive people this week and yesterday for the first session of Sunday conference, we had 8 investigators. So we were happy about that.

Everyone in the ward was so excited because we were going to watch conference in our new building over the internet. Which was all fun and dandy except for the internet problems that always pop up during conference. On Saturday morning we were so excited and we went to the church at 9:20 and no one was there. We waited 20 minutes and one person showed up. So we knocked on the door of the first counselor and he was annoyed that he had to go open the church and after everything, we got to start watching the conference at 10:30. But it is sad because the thing I like most is hearing where they are going to build more temples and worst of all, I didn´t get to hear that they are going to build another temple in Colorado! But, I am not from Colorado, I am from Maryland now:) But conference was great. I watched 3 sessions in Spanish and 1 in English. Everyone was teasing me about the talks about marriage and everything. One Elder said that in the priesthood session the prophet talked about not waiting. But I guess when I like to tease others, I have to be willing to take it too.

After conference I was so tired and I think that is because I watched it in Spanish and I have to concentrate a lot harder. But I learned a lot. We especially liked the talk by President Uchtdorf because it was perfect for our investigators.

We have seen a lot of miracles and we are seeing a lot of progress. Hermana Ena (2) is a really great missionary and is inviting a lot of people to church. On Tuesday morning we had a lesson with 5 investigators with her. And she really knows that the work must go on! We are working hard with the Familia Barillas. The dad went to the conference (the mom couldn´t because the son has chicken pox. Luckily I have already had that). The dad says that there is a lot of hope and that the spirit is illuminating their minds. Keep on praying for them.

I love you all so much!

Thanks for everything.

Hermana Bush

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