Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 1

Hello Family! I am almost done with my first week at the MTC! It is so strange to be here but I am starting to really enjoy it. I just sent you mail yesterday so when you get it, this email will probably be exactly the same. When I first walked into the MTC someone asked me my name and I said "Crystal". And then I remembered that I am not suppose to say that any more! I am Hermana Bush. It might take me my whole mission to get use to that. My district had 12 missionaries four being sisters. All the sisters were going to El Salvador (3 of us to the west mission and 1 to the east mission). I really liked them and we all got along. On the second day I was in the MTC I heard my name over the loud speaker in the cafeteria to go to the main office. When I went I had to go into a little room and take the US census. It was so strange! This census worker just asked me questions. They took a random small sample of the MTC to take the census and I was one of them. I guess it is about that time in the decade. So on the third day being in the MTC we had just started talking about what sounds the letters make in the Spanish alphabet. I told my teacher that I had taken 5 years of Spanish. So, I had to take a little test and so I was moved up into an intermediate class along with another elder from my district. It was sad because we had to change companions, rooms, classes, and everything! I was sad to leave the people that I was with but it was all for the better. In the MTC they have three levels of Spanish: beginning, intermediate and advanced. The advanced classes are already fluent and those are the people that only stay for 3 weeks. Well, I love my new district now too. My companion is named Hermana Layton. She went to BYU Idaho and is going to the Chicago North mission. She actually said that she has met Eli through her friend Adam. Her first name is Meredith just so Eli knows.

I also know one of my teachers from my student ward last year. I really liked her then so I know that she will be a great teacher. The first day in the intermediate class, she talked completely in Spanish so I know that this will be a better fit for me than the beginning class. Oh, and since I changed districts, my mailbox has changed to #372. I got your little package yesterday and it made me happy to get some mail. It was very nice of everyone to think of me.

There are 21 sisters in my branch now. In my first branch there were only 7 so there is a huge difference. In my branch now, I am the only sister who is going out of the country and they are all jealous. That makes me happy:) On Sunday we went to choir which was really fun and after the fireside on Sunday, we watched the movie Legacy. That is not an appropriate movie at the MTC because there was some kissing in the movie and all the Elders were hooting and hollering. It was kind of funny though.

On p-days we get to go to the temple but we are not allowed to purposefully meet up with people. When my companion and I were leaving the temple, I saw Brother Anderson and Marissa. It was fun to see people from Colorado but yet so strange at the same time. My companion didn't believe me that I didn't see them on purpose.

I'll tell you a little bit about my new district with the time I have left. There are now 8 of us. They had to add another intermediate class just for the 8 of us and we are all around the same level which is good. 3 of the elders just graduated from high school, one elder went to a year of college at BYU and is from Fort Collins, one is 21 years old and just decided he wanted to serve and the last elder is 24. He converted to the church when he was 18. Since he is the oldest, I like to call him el viejo. I really like my new district and we get way too distracted all the time. We are teaching our first lesson on Friday and Hermana Layton and I are so scared! We have been trying to practice but it is hard to practice when you are trying to teach to Elders who keep going off topic. Well, I am really enjoying myself. Elder Holland is coming to talk to the MTC on Thanksgiving which is exciting. Right now I am taking comfort in the fact that I am 1/9th of the way done at the MTC. Everyone keeps telling me and my companion that our time will fly by and then we look at eachother thinking that we hope so. No, it really isn't bad at all and we are having a lot of fun!

I love you,


P.S. I am really glad Nicole won top model:) I am singing the theme song right now in my head.

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  1. The part that made me laugh out loud, "In my branch now, I am the only sister who is going out of the country and they are all jealous. That makes me happy:)"

    Oh Crystal, always a gem...