Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 2

This week has been great! Last week after I emailed, we had devotional and Elder Oakes came and talked to us.  I feel spoiled because being at BYU I am used to apostles coming.  We got a new Elder in our district who is fluent in Portuguese but needs help with Spanish.  I feel bad for him because he doesn't really fit into the district with his personality.  Hermana Layton and I feel bad for him because no one laughs at his jokes so we have been trying to be nice to him.  It really hasn't worked and I am pretty sure he wants to go home.  But I hope he knows why he is here and sticks it out.

I had a great Thanksgiving even though I would have rather been home, but Elder Holland came to talk to us Thanksgiving morning so that was exciting.  He gave a long talk on how we should be homesick at the holiday time but that that builds character.  One of the sisters we know is having a really hard time being away from home and has had huge bawling fits so I think that that talk was for her.   Of course I miss being home too but I think I can cope better than other people.  My companion and I were talking about some people wanting to go home.  Despite the fact that we are spreading the gospel, I don't think that anyone could do a greater disservice to themself than to go home early because they don't want to do the work.

So, the elders in my district one day just started saying the word "guacala" and they wouldn't tell us why.  We found out that it means disgusting but they wouldn't tell us why they were saying it.  We were really annoyed at them for a long time and kept to ourselves but then finally one told us that they felt like they were getting distracted too easily and they would say "guacala" if they were getting distracted by the me and my companion.  I don't want you to think that we are working hard because we are.  Our whole district was getting distracted way to easily by being with each other all the time but we are definitely improving our focusing skills.
So the two Sundays I have been here I have had to play the piano.  I knew that I would have to play in El Salvador but I didn't know that I would always have to play in the MTC.  Well, I don't mind playing but I do hope some one else can play too.

Today we were sitting in our class room and my companion was called on the intercom to go somewhere.  So we went and they were giving out Swine Flu shots and for some reason they called her name.  So while we were there we both got shots.  It was pretty exciting.  And it was for free!   There is nothing better than getting something for free even if it does cause pain.

So I am coming to realize that being at the MTC feels like being in the Twilight Zone or in some strange time warp.  Today I have already thought it was every day of the week besides Tuesday.  It is so hard to keep track of days here.

Tomorrow new missionaries arrive at the MTC and me and my companion are really excited.  There haven't been new missionaries since we came in two weeks ago.  So we don't want to feel like we are freshman anymore.  We briefly discussed whether to haze them or not by throwing them in trashcans but then as good missionaries, we decided against it.  But really, it will feel good not to be the new missionaries on the block.
We have had so much fun today and so much stress.  We are really tired all the time and then we got to bed and we are wide awake.  But we have definitely felt the spirit and we are learning every day how to improve ourselves and help the people we go to.

I love you so much.
Hermana Bush

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