Monday, March 21, 2011


So much has happened this week!  It has been a really great week. Last week at church a señora named Ena (not the one that got baptized in January) randomly showed up that isn´t a member.  We asked her who invited her and she said, ¨nobody, only God.¨  On tuesday we had a real adventure finding her house.  We have never been to that part of the area where she lives and so we were waiting at a bus stop where Ena and another member were going to meet with us to go to the house of Ena.  We waited for a half an hour and no one showed up.  And finally the member showed up (but the member was just going to accompany us and doesn´t know where Ena lived).  So we decided to go exploring.  We found a little colonia where a lot of people live but nobody knew Ena.  We only knew one thing about the house: that it was made of wood.  So we searched for about an hour and we finally found a house made of wood.  There was a lady bathing and we could just see her head and she said that her mom left looking for us and went to the bus stop.  So we go back to the bus stop and they said that a lady went there looking for us so we go back to the house and right before reaching the house, we run into Hermana Ena.  We were just going in circles with her.  She lives in a really beautiful area. There are fields all around and there are cows grazing in the fields and it was so beautiful.  And on top of that Ena loves the church and wants to get baptized.

We had another adventure.  We had to go the Santa Tecla on tuesday morning and we were coming back to Ciudad Real.  The bus stopped right in front of the church building which normally doesn´t happen and we were discussing if we should get off then or if we should wait till the real bus stop about a quarter of a mile ahead of us.  The bus was stopped for a long time and Hermana Izaguirre said, ¨well, let´s get off.¨ So I had one foot in the air getting off the bus and it starts moving.  I didn´t want to be in two places at once (the bus and the ground) so I jumped off of the bus and the bus went on with my companion.  I was completely alone for three minutes!  It was a strange sensation but we had a really good laugh.

Then we had another adventure.  One night when we came home, we planned and ate pupusas and then I went to put my plate in the sink. And as I did that, an animal jump from the sink and landed on the wall.  I was a frog about the size of a palm!  We screamed for a while and then we had to call some member children that live close to get the frog out and they were happy to do so.  Then they have been teasing us ever since because we are woosies and we didn´t want to touch the frog.

We are really happy because we are still teaching the Familia Barillas and they accepted a goal.  We told them to put a date for their baptism themselves and gave them a pen and their calender.  Then the mom said¨well then we have to do it before Hermana Bush leaves!¨ So they chose the 16th of April.  We are excited and animated to see them progress more now that they have put a baptismal date.  The dad is still smoking but before he was smoking 8 a day and now it is 3 or 2.  But he does want to stop and we have been trying to help him make a plan to stop.

We went to the dentist this morning in Santa Tecla for Hermana Izaguirre and in order to do it, we only had to wake up at 4:30.  And now we have to go back on Tuesday or Thursday.  We can´t wait.

We are really happy with the progress of our investigators.  I hope everything is going well on the home front.

I love you
Hermana Bush


  1. Okay, I reccommend that Sister Bush does NOT make her home in the southern part of the U.S.-anywhere there are lots of creepy crawly things! She will be much happier this way, not dealing such critters and bugs. Ha!

  2. Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.