Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hermana Bush saves the day!

¡HOLA familia y amigos!

This has been a good week.  So many things have happened in the nursing world of the mission and in the work. First off, I told you that we are in a ward with two other sister missionaries.  They had a baptism last Saturday so we got to it to support them.  Everything was ready: the person was there dressed in white, the font was full, the did the welcoming to the baptism. Then the tried to walk into the font and the door to the font was locked!  It was really funny because only the bishop has the keys to the font and he had left.  So, they called and called and tried to open the font with every method they had and nothing worked.  Finally one of the sister missionaries thought of my bobby pin that I had in my hair.  They fiddled with the bobby pin for another 5 minutes and the door opened!  So pretty much, I single handedly and literally brought a soul into the waters of baptism.  I knew that it is always a good idea to have a bobby pin with you at all times and in all places. 

So we are teaching the familia Escobar and on Sunday night we put baptisms dates with them! We were so happy and they are all reading in the Book of Mormon and they have questions.  The dad has some doubts but he is praying and reading and feels good about this decision.  It is really exciting to have a good family to teach that wants to accept the gospel.  Unlike most people in Santa Tecla, this family doesn´t have much money.  The dad works all day long at a dangerous construction job.
So, the nursing world is really busy.  It seems like half of the mission has diarrhea and they call us like it is an emergency.  Three days ago an elder called at 3 in the morning and he said, "I don´t know if this is an emergency but I have diarrhea."  He couldn´t just wait 3 hours?  Luckily I didn´t answer the phone and my companion was very patient and explained what medicine to take.  One funny story is that an elder fell on his wrist 3 weeks ago and it hurt but then he called back (3 weeks after it happened) and said that his wrist still hurt. So Hermana Schmidt sent him to get an x ray but he had to bring the x ray back to Hermana Schmidt with the results so she could tell them if something was wrong and what they had to do. But we were teaching a less active couple so the Elders had to go to the house of the family.  The Elder had fractured his wrist so we had to call the doctor and so we went into another room to do it.  Meanwhile, the less active wife started making us something to drink and she comes and asks us if we want some.  We asked what it was and she said iced tea and so we said what type (because here most tea isn´t bad) and she said Lipton.  So we kindly declined.  We knew that she offered some to the elders and I was wondering how they got out of that.  And so later we walked into the other room and there were the elders slurping down the iced tea.  We just couldn´t help but laugh at their ignorance.  They had no idea what they were drinking.  I guess that they trusted her because she was a member but we had told them that they hadn´t gone to church for a year and they are recent converts.  So I guess the word of wisdom didn´t stick with them.  But I think the elders learned their lesson.  Ask, before you drink.

Not much else happened this week.  I can´t believe that it is June.  Time has flown by so far.  I feel a lot more comfortable with Spanish.  There are still a ton of words that I don´t know but with out a Latin companion I can ask what words mean in the middle of a lesson because it is important that we understand.  City life is just great.  I don´t really feel like I am in a city because where we are there are no skyscrapers and there are no places in our area that we have to ring a buzzer and talk through an intercom.  The area is just the normal city folk and not the really wealthy city folk.

I am so grateful that I can be here in El Salvador.  I have been extremely blessed.
Con Amor, Hermana Bush

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