Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet relief

Hello family!

So just to answer some questions: The nursing world is coming on slowly but surely.  I can now tell you what to do if someone calls and says they have diarrhea.  I would tell them to get a stool sample and take it to the lab.  But I also learned what to do if they have pain on one side of their stomach because it could be appendicitis and so there are some simple tests to do to check that out.  So there is a new nurse coming in August and so she should have entered the MTC last wednesday. Hopefully she can handle the MTC.  There was a nurse that came to the mission with my trainer but sadly she had depression and kind of went crazy and so she had to go home.  But I will be with the new nurse for a time and then I will be a normal missionary again.

So the news in the nursing world is always problems with going number 2 (I like to use the technical terms). An Elder called us last week and said that he hadn´t gone number 2 for 5 days!  He was really uncomfortable and bloated.  So my companion gave him an oral enema and she thought that it would work pretty fast but nothing happened.  So, she had to have him have an enema from the other direction.  I don´t want to get too detailed.  He was desperate and finally he was able to go.  He had weighed himself before he went to the bathroom and after and after the bathroom the first time, he lost 6 pounds!  Over all that night he ¨lost¨ 8 pounds.  Needless to say, he felt relieved.

A couple of different things have happened this week.  One night we returned to the house and we were happy to be home and someone knocked on our door.  When we answered it, who was outside but the Catholic missionaries with our neighbor.  They asked if they could share a message with us and we didn´t know what to say.  So they read us some scriptures.  They were really nice and said can we end with a prayer.  So he started to pray and there was this long pause and he said we had to repeat after him.  Then it was really awkward because I felt it was like that prayer to save someone´s soul.  Because it was saying that we accept Jesus and so on.  I didn´t know what to do so I just kept saying it.  So, luckily now my soul is saved.

This week was also different because we went to district meeting and then we were ready to go and at the last minute the elders said that we were going on divisions.  I went out with Hermana Muñoz in my area. We were really confused because we are both junior companions but the elders said that we were going out and they got permission from President.  So, we went out and it was like a party.  We had a good time together and I learned some new words in Spanish too.  Hermana Muñoz came to El Salvador the same day I did.  Those sisters are in the same ward as us and we share a house so it was fun to go out with her.
We have a new investigator that is really great. Her name is Suli and she understands everything and accepts everything and the best part of all is that she doesn´t already have a church.  Almost everyone in El Salvador congregates somewhere and so it is a lot harder to have them change religions than to begin one!  We have a lot of hope for her.

Another answer to a question: here in the city they still eat pupusas. But the annoying thing is that they are more expensive.  In Chualchuapa you could buy one pupusa for 20 cents but here they are 50 cents.  There is a pupusería up the street from our house and so some nights we just call them and they will deliver them to our house.  The only thing now is that I feel a lot more stingy with my money because things cost more here and we have to pay for buses to get around the area.  My comp doesn´t like to walk places but I am making her do it more and more because I don´t like wasting money on buses that aren´t necessary.

Well I think that is all from this week.  I hope that everyone has a great week and a Happy Father´s Day.  Here Father´s Day is always the 17th so they celebrated it on Thursday.

Oh and by the way, yesterday I completed 7 months on the mission.
Hermana Bush

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