Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rats in the roof

So today has been a good week. So much has happened and we are always really busy.  This week I have been noticing how religious this country is and I took note of some of the funny names of companies.  Every day when we ride the bus we get to pass the Farmacia de Dios (God´s pharmacy).  If I get sick, I know where to go.  Then the other day a car from the Jesus Driving School passed by us.  I was about to write something sacreligious right now but I repented and now I won´t.

So just to answer some questions: I don´t play the piano in the church anymore.  There are 2 people who can play.  They both aren´t very good and they mess up a lot but if they never play for sacrament, they will never get better and so I enjoy sitting in the congregation and just sing a long.  It is a little easier this way too because the members don´t really know how all the songs go and so it was hard to play the piano with the congregation because sometimes it was almost impossible to follow the ward.  Something that is really exciting is that we went to the church yesterday and there was a member playing the viola!  I was so excited and I got to play a little bit and then he said I could borrow it till Sunday.  Woohoo!  I got to play some before bed last night.  Hermana Schmidt can play the flute and so she wants to do a musical number for a multizone conference.  I was shocked that it was a viola and not a violin.  What are the odds.

So in the missionary world we found a really positive guy named Josué.  He is so positive that it scares us.  We contacted him last week on the street and invited him to go to an appointment with us and he went and the investigator thought that Josué was a member because he wanted to say the prayer and talk in the lesson.  We were teaching about the Book of Mormon.  The next day we went and taught Josué and he said, ¨I want to know about prophets¨ and so were excited.  Then yesterday he said that if Christ established his church with prophets and 12 apostles the true church of Christ also needs prophets and 12 apostles.  After the first day we thought that he just wanted to be flirty with us because he is 21 too and he is a tall and beautiful latin guy.  So were putting up cautions but he really does want to learn.  He is out of town for a couple of days but we gave him an Ensign of General Conference from a few years ago that we had in our house.  I hope he reads it.

This week we also got to help in English classes.  We went and we taught the advanced group I Am A Child of God (of course in English).  It was fun but a little difficult because they wanted to learn what the line ¨if I but learn to do his will¨ meant.  It makes sense but no one would say it that way in real life.
Finally we had some interesting experiences in our house this last week too.  There was this bad smell that grew slowly until it was a really bad smell.  We called the owner and they said that they were coming the same night but then they didn´t come for 3 days!  And we kept calling them till they came.  They smell was from the ceiling and in the other sisters´ room, rat poop was falling from the ceiling. So when the landlords came they found and removed 2 dead rats from the ceiling and now our house smells back to normal.  It was not such a great experience.

We have a missionary activity tonight in the ward.  We invited all the recent converts of the last 3 years to eat dinner and to invite their friends to the church to eat and then we are going to watch a movie about Christ.  I think that it will be fine but my companion is really stressed out.  The ward gave us 40 dollars because my comp said she would donate 20 dollars. So in all, we have 60 dollars for dinner for 60 people.  It was really stretching our ability to be stingy with money.  I think that everything will be fine.
Thanks for all your prayers. We are excited about the work and working hard.
Hermana Bush

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  1. I have live rats in my attic, only in the 'hood' we call them squirrels.