Friday, October 8, 2010

General conference

This week was general conference which was such a great break from normal life.  General conference in the mission is like having a little vacation.  I also heard that the priesthood session was really good.  Me and my companion talked about borrowing suits from someone and cutting our hair and going to the priesthood session but then  we decided against it.  It is weird because we have now been in our area for a week and a half but still haven´t gone to our ward so we still feel a little lost in trying to meet members.  But so many people have helped us so far in the area.  The old ward mission leader drove us around in his car to show us the boundaries of the area and it took an hour to drive around the whole area.  How crazy!  After that, we decided that we have a long way to go and a lot to learn about the area.  Working in the city is really different because there are no fine line as to boundaries.  Half of our area is bordered by the East Mission and then on the other half of our area touches 4 other areas in our mission.  But it is super confusing because they are just normal streets that separate the areas.  Me and my companion hope that one day we won´t just wander into the other mission.

This is my first time in my mission that I haven´t had church at the stake center.  Our chapel is supposedly one of the first chapels in El Salvador and it is kind of old.  They don´t even have pews.  Sacrament is in just a little room and they have to set up their own chairs.  We have church at 9 in the morning and the other ward that meets there has church at 1 in the afternoon.  I thought it is weird that they don´t stagger the wards better but apparently there isn´t enough room in the building for 2 wards.

So this week has been good.  We are really hopeful that our investigators are going to go to church on Sunday.  We have one lady that was so close to accepting a baptismal date but at the last second she decided that she wanted to see a baptism first so now we are going to be having field trip next week to see a baptism in another area.  Her name is Blanca de Martinez and for work she pushes around a cart around town and sells snow cones.  She is really sweet and has a real desire to learn.

This week we have met a lot more people of the ward.  One women is named Hermana Cunchita and she has a daughter that has down syndrome.  We went to go visit her and her daughter (8 years old) has a fascination with me.  When her mom was there she just wanted to sit next to me and pet my arm.  When her left the room for a minute, the girl just wanted to spit on me.  Every time I looked at her, she spat on me.  And, you know what, you think I would have learned but I just kept looking at her because the temptation was too strong.  I kept wanting to see if she was going to spit on me again.  I think that there is a really good spiritual analogy that can be made but I am still thinking about that one.  Tonight we are going to go work with our bishop and his wife to visit less active members.  We are excited because our bishop is so willing to help us and he likes contacting people.  So, it is a win-win situation.

I am glad that you got my pictures, I will go look for the memory card and see what I can do.  I will have to try to make another copy of it.

Thanks for everything.  I am really happy to here from all of you.
I love you
Hermana Bush


  1. I was laughing out loud at the story of how she couldn't stop looking at the girl who spat at her. She tells it real funny:)

  2. HaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Cody and I want to know what "spiritual analogy" she comes up with! HaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Got to love it!!!