Friday, October 15, 2010

It´s a girl

So it has been a very interesting week.  We have been walking a ton! Our area is huge and there are no reliable buses so we end up walking everywhere which is fine by me.  We are still getting to know the area a little bit.  Our goal is to try to get Bishop to like us.  He is kind of a strange guy and his sense of humor is different than any other person.  So one day we brought him cookies and we have gone out to visit with him. On Monday I was thinking what else can we do. Then I remembered that we hadn't given him the progress report for the week because we hadn't made copies of it.  So we went out made copies and the last thing we did that day was stop by his house.  No one was home so we left it in his "buzón" or his little mailbox thing and left a sticky note so that he would look in his mailbox.  Little did we know that there was a meeting with the bishops of the stake and the President of the mission the next day.  So in the meeting, bishop told President how great we were because we took him the progress report and that he was really impressed that we left it at his house.  So pretty much we are great missionaries:) No, but really we are happy to know that the bishop respects us. Two days ago we went out with a member who is 19 years old and has said that things have happened in the ward and now he doesn't want to serve a mission.  But we went out and were trying to help him find the desire again.  So, naturally all of our appointments fell and we had nothing left to do but contact or visit members.  So I wanted to contact people but then the member would say that the man was crazy or that he is a drug addict.  Something like that so we wouldn´t contact. Finally I just wanted to contact someone so we went to this man that was washing his front driveway thing.  And what do you know, he was crazy!  He kept saying "man" in the middle and the end of his sentences.  He really likes the USA and would say "Viva Los Estados man" and then with another "Viva El Salvador man".  I tried to get him to appreciate Guatemala too for my companion but he just didn´t want to say it for Guatemala.  He would then list 10 different cities in the states and say "viva ..... man".  What a friendly So, everyone that I wanted to contact was crazy and I gave up on the contacting for a while. We are having some success in the area but there is still a long way to go before we are going to have a baptism.  There are some positive people but they need to go to church.  So, we are still working hard. We are teaching this lady named Blanca and she is ready to get baptized but hasn´t gone to church yet.  She wants to get baptized but has to work Sunday mornings so we are trying to get her to go to church Sunday afternoon in the same building but it is a different ward.

So the big news right now is that we are getting a new companion tonight.  She is coming in the middle of the transfer and is going to come work with us.  We didn´t know till yesterday that she is coming with us and only this morning did we find out that she is coming today.  We have a lot to do because our house is only equipped for 2 people and we have to get another table and another thing to put clothes on and another bed by tonight, but everything is possible. She is a nurse too but she isn´t going to be the mission nurse right away.  She is going to get some mission experience before she goes to work in the office.  So, we are really excited. So a lot of things have happened this week and my testimony has been strengthened a ton.  I really know the truths of the message that we carry.  I know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can have more joy than we have ever experienced.  The church is true.

I love you all.

Hermana Bush

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