Friday, October 29, 2010

Hermana Bush´s super duper semana

Well it has been a really great week.  Last week I told you that we got a reference when we went to the fireside.  So, we went and it was incredible all the things that happened.  We were on divisions.  I was with Hermana Clark and Hermana Ramirez was with a member.  We went to contact the reference and we rang the doorbell but no one answered so we went to ask the neighbor.   And while we were talking to the neighbor, a white pickup pulled up and the neighbor said ¨Here they are¨.  So we walked over and this lady and her daughter get out of the truck.  We talked to her and how we got their names and where we were from.  She said that at that moment they were just stopping at the house and they had to leave again but we were welcome to come back later that night.  So, when we were reunited in our trio, we headed back to the house.  The lady (Claudia) welcomed us in.  She is a doctor (pathologist I think is what it is called.  She looks at tumors under a microscope and says if the are malignant).  She has an office in her house and we sat down and we were getting to know her.  Claudia was very open with us.  She said that 3 years ago they were attending a church but dropped it.  They looked for a church for 2 years and then she got tired of looking.  So a year ago she prayed and said that she wasn´t going to look anymore but asked that God sent someone to her.  And she has been waiting for a year.  She said that she got really excited when she saw us contacting the neighbors but then didn´t think that we were going to talk to her.  She said that she knew that God answered her prayers.  She was crying and very emotional.  I have never been in a lesson so inspiring and upliftling.  It really was a huge testimony builder and faith builder that people really are out there.  Claudia is super positive.  She always has a ton of questions and that first lesson we left her with a ton of pamphlets and a Book of Mormon.  When we came back, she had read all the pamphlets, read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and the testimonies of all the witnesses and had started with first Nephi.  Really, I have never been in a more spiritual lesson. Claudia also had questions about the word of wisdom.  She doesn´t like coffee but asked why we couldn´t drink it.  Hermana Ramirez went to answer the question and said that coffee is really bad for you because if you think about it, it goes into your body brown and comes out yellow.  She said ¨where does the brown go?¨ Before she went any farther I had to say that I had never heard that before.  It is a really good point:) but I couldn´t let false doctrine go on.

Yesterday we went with Claudia to the church to give her a really short tour.  I think I told you how small the chapel is, so it really was a short tour.  She met a lot of members and we are going to a members house tonight with her to make pupusas.

Well, there was more that happened this week, but I don´t have anymore time left.  I love you all.

Hermana Bush

FYI from Judy: Amanda's mission call arrived in the mail today. We'll be opening it tonight. Crystal has permission to call and find out where her sister is going on her mission!

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