Monday, February 8, 2010

Bugs in El Salvador and everything else

Hello again family and friends!

It has been a great week and we are exhausted tonight which is a good thing.  It has been the hottest week so far here (out of the 3 I have been here). I wanted to tell you about some of the things here in El Salvador. The bugs are coming out little by little.  The other day I saw my first cockroach in our apartment and as I squirmed a little bit my companion sprayed it with chemicals.  Then right after that we saw a centipede in our apartment that was like 6 inches long!  I am really trying to not show my hatred of everything that flies that can land on me and bite me.  Oh and I hate spiders too.  There are a ton of medium sized spiders that have really thin legs and those don't bother me as much.  Dad, I know that you want to hear the bug update so there you go.  We also have a little gecko that lives in our house and my companion named him Rafa.

I can´t believe my family is moving this week.  It is strange and sad but it will be just another adventure.  I also don´t believe that it is cold and snowy where you are!  I can´t even imagine it because it is hot and sweaty here.  I actually already have a pretty cool watch tan and I didn´t start wearing the watch till I came to El Salvador.

My companion and I always laugh because we forget that we stick out in this country.  Sometimes we will be walking across the town and everyone will be stairing at us and I just don´t understand why.  And then I remember that we are gigantic white people.  We always get whistled at.  My companion said that she is going to feel sad when she goes back to the States and people won´t tell her how beautiful she is.  We also get a lot of people that try to talk English with us and we get a kick out of saying BYE BYE.  So whenever we can we say BYE BYE with the most awful and obnoxious gringo accent.

Here are some highlights of the week:The other day we were walking and we saw this old man and a teenage boy running around the front of the house trying to catch their rooster.  At church we were counting how many people came and there were 95 people and one iguana.  Someone had brought their pet iguana and it was just sitting on his shoulder during sacrament meeting.  Yesterday, we went to teach this 20 year old named Erika.  She is very curious and wrote a list of questions about the Book of Mormon.  We brought a recent convert who is 23 years old.  He likes to talk and we were actually trying to be match makers.  But in the middle of the lesson, Erika leaned over to the member and hit his arm!  She had killed a mosquito on his arm.  It was so funny and we couldn´t stop laughing.

Now, on to the work.  We had high hopes for so many people but people have a hard time going to church.  None of our investigators with a baptismal date were home so we could take them to church so we were a little mad.  Whatever, they have their own agency.  I think I told you about Eduardo.  He is a drunk 70 something year old.  He really wants to change and he hadn´t drunk for 2 weeks.  He also loves to read the Book of Mormon and when we went to visit him, he memorized the names of the 8 witnesses of the Book of Mormon.  We were so proud. But the next day, he got drunk again.  Apparently this was his 4th chance to stop drinking and so we have to leave him. We were so sad. We are also teaching his neighbor and he said that Eduardo has been a drunk for more than 30 years.

Tomorrow we have a meeting in San Salvador for all the new missionaries and their trainers.  We have to take the bus (which I don´t really like) and it is about an hour and a half.

Oh, and my Spanish is coming along still.  I can understand a little bit more of what people say but so many people speak Qualiche which is their slang here and so when they speak that I can´t understand anything they say.  But it just needs time.

Thanks for everything family and for all your support!

Love you
Hermana Bush

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