Monday, February 15, 2010

One month here!

I am glad that you made it safely to Maryland.  I wish that I could just see the house!

This week has been a little bit more challenging than the other weeks!  It seems like this weel no one wanted to talk to us and we couldn´t find all of our investigators.  But, don´t worry.  We still have good attitudes and we still have fun every day.  There have been so many funny things that happened this week.
This week we were walking to the church and we met someone who Hermana Cash has taught before.  She talked to me before about him once because they asked him to say a prayer and he said "Buenas Tardes Dios" or good afternoon God.  What a weirdo.  So I was excited to meet him and I told him my name was Hermana Bush.  Then he said that I have the most beautiful name and that it sounds like music.  It just rolls off the toungue.  I was trying so hard not to laugh.  I have never heard anyone say that the word "bush" is beautiful. Then when we were leaving he said "Goodbye Creatures".

The next day we contacted a guy who went on and on about how I look like his sister-in-law.  Then five minutes later in the conversation he said that I look like Princess Diana.  When he finally let us talk we asked if we could visit him another day and he said "no" and then walked off.  Later on that day we contacted a lady who was selling some sort of melon on the side of the road.  We asked her if we could teach her another day and she said "the thing is I am 160 years old. I don´t need religion anymore"!  Our jaws dropped.  We asked her how old she was again and she said 160.  I think that we met the oldest lady on the planet.  And surprisingly she looked 100 years younger.  We had a good laugh about that too.

We have one investigator getting baptized this week.  He is 48 years old.  We were talking to him this last week about church and then he said, "I don´t know if I can go to church this week.  I was reading the pamphlets and they talk about what to wear to church and I don´t have a shirt and tie."  That was easy to change. We bought him a nice white shirt and tie and he wore it to church and he looked so happy.  Even if he is the only person that I help here, it was worth it to see the smile on his face and he already has a lot of friends in the church. We also love him because he takes notes on what he reads in the Book of Mormon.
In church yesterday, a kid opened his mission call after sacrament meeting in front of the whole ward.  It was so exciting.  It was such a great moment to hear the letter from the prophet again and he started crying and so did some ex-missionaries that were there.  He is going to Guatemala City and he leaves in 2 weeks.  They don´t waste any time.

In church we had to give talks in both of our wards IN SPANISH.  I was so nervous but things went just fine and the time flew by.  Someday I will be able to speak Spanish fluently but that time is not now.
I want to answer some questions about being here in El Salvador.  Even though we don´t have a cook, we still can buy stuff that are cultural foods.  Sometimes after the day is done, we will buy pupusas from little stands on the side of the street.  There is probably at least one stand on every block.  They are everywhere.  The cheapest ones we have founds are 2 for a quarter but they only come with beans inside.  They are pretty good.  We ate tamales the other day while we were walking to one of our appointments and those were really good too.  Sometimes members give us somethings to eat like fruit.  We ate a strange fruit on Saturday called mariñón or marinión or something.  It was bright red on the outside and white on the inside and it was pretty good.

Yesterday was día de amor and we got a lot of creepers yelling at us (a bit more than usual).  We are always getting people screaming at us things like "hey baby" or "I love you".  I am so flattered.  My companion said that she is going to have such a low self esteem when she gets home because random people aren´t going to tell here how beautiful she is.

We do have someone who does our laundry but she can´t wash our garments.  So every pday I wash my undies by hand and  I don´t know how to, so it is always a fun experience. Pretty much I just rub soap on them and try to scrub and dump a lot of water on them and hang them up to dry.
I am so excited for Abby to get her call!  I can´t wait to hear where she is going.  I am going to be in anticipation this whole week.

Love, Hermana Bush

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