Monday, February 22, 2010

The life of 2 gringas

It was so great to hear from you this week.  First off I want to tell Abby congratulations on her mission call to Norway!  That is so exciting!

And I got your dear elders that you all re-sent from my last few days in the MTC.  Thanks.

I don´t have much time to write this week.  As a zone, we went to a volcano near Santa Ana and hiked down a mountain to the base of the volcano and up the volcano. It took so long!  I am exhausted because we were hiking for about 3 and a half hours (and as you know, hiking is not really my thing) but luckily I wasn´t the slowest person there. But, I have to admit it was pretty cool and it was so foggy around there.  They had been taking suggestions for a zone activity and I thought it would be fun to have a zone dance but obviously they didn´t go for that idea:)

This week has been pretty interesting. On Thursday, we got to go do service at a hospital in the zone leaders´area.  It was just a building and we were helping to clean it up.  The elders got to chop wood with machetes and the sisters got to clean windows.  We were bummed but we had our own adventure.  They have glass slats in the windows that can be turned to open the window or close the window.  It is hard to explain but I was cleaning a slat and it fell out of the window into the hospital waiting room and landed on a 2 year old kid who was breast feeding.  And then, he cried.  I felt so bad and the glass shattered on the floor.  It just wasn´t my day.  And the worst part was I can´t express to his mom my feelings.  It was an awkward situation.  But then, things got better because we got to wack at some wood.

Then on Saturday we had a baptism!  His name is Mauricio and he makes us so happy!  But we ran to the chapel in the morning to start filling up the font and when we came back, there was 2 inches of water on the floor of the church!  So we spent 2 hours that morning sweeping the water out.  My companion was really embarrased but I thought it was kind of funny just because I am the junior companion and so I didn´t feel as responsible.  It is so much easier to blame everything on you companion.

These last three days have been so exhausting because we have been walking so much and it was topped off by hiking today.  We have been working so hard to find new people who really want to listen to us.  A lot of people let us teach them and I think it is just because we are gringas.  But we have been having some success but the hard part is getting people to church.  People believe but they don´t want to do anything about it!  During lessons, especially when we are talking about the book of Mormon, I want to take my testimony and knowledge of it and shove it down the other people´s heads.  Too bad it doesn´t really work that way.  But I feel like I am learning.  I know that I know a lot more than I think I do but I need to put it into practice more.  I realized that I can only learn how to say things by trying.

I love you family and friends!  I am doing good and me and Hermana Cash are doing good together.  She says that she likes being with me because we don´t have a culture barrier.  Sometimes we are with people and one of us says something really funny and we laugh and everyone else sits there in silence.  Whatever, we know we are funny.

And this is the last week of my first transfer!  I am no longer going to be the newby!

Thanks for sending me all the pictures.  It was really fun to see!  I hope you are enjoying Maryland a lot and tell all the people about your favorite daughter in El Salvador.

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