Monday, March 29, 2010

Feliz Semana Santa

¡Hola familia!

This week was great and I am glad it is over.  We got to play soccer again this morning with all the sisters in the mission!  It was really fun.  President Lopez was there and his wife to cheer us on.  He was standing on the side of the cancha (field) taking pictures and I kicked the ball and his elbow was in the way and he got hit.  Oops.  Luckily his camera was fine but he hurried off the field to watch from a farther distance.  Me and Hermana Cash were on different teams and so we both are a little pushy and we were up against each other and I fell and slid across the turf and so now I have this nice raw turf burn on my legs.  It is a pretty good battle scar.

So on Friday we 4 baptisms (Kevin, Briant, Erika, and Christian)!  We were so excited and so many things went wrong on Friday.  Actually we made a list of all the bad things that happened and we should have been really stressed out but surprisingly we weren´t. Here are just some of things that happened: we went and studied in the morning at the chapel while the font was filling which takes about an hour and a half. Then when we got to the church an hour-ish before the baptisms, someone had drained the font!  Also, we gave a member money to buy a cake for the baptism and so they bought and put it in a room and locked the door with the keys inside so we had to call someone to come and unlock it. Then the person who was going to baptize the people couldn´t do it at the last minute so we had to get permission from the bishop (who didn´t come) for someone else to do it.  Then to top of the day, we were walking home and this crazy drunk man started chasing us.  He was drunk and old so he wasn´t hard to lose.  But we really did see the Lord´s hand in the work.  That was just a little sampling of what happened on Friday.  But we were happy that everything went just fine with the baptisms.  A ton of members came to give support which was good because they were four kids that got baptized.

So another thing that happened this week:  I got stung by a bee!  It was my first time being stung and all I have to say is now I know that I am not allergic to bee stings.   It was on my elbow and it did swell up and itch for a couple of days.

So this week, starting today is the Semana Santa (Holy week before Easter) and all the kids get a week off of school to celebrate.  It is a huge party and they do something different every day.  I am not really sure what they do but today people were suppose to go down to Trapiche, a local river, and symbolically wash the clothes of the Lord.  But it is fun to see flowers everywhere and parades for the Semana Santa.

Finally, Dad wants to know about the buses. The buses get pretty packed.  This morning when we went to play soccer we had to go to Santa Tecla which is near San Salvador and we had to stand up for almost the whole hour and a half.  People were squished.  Hermana Cash says that it almost feels like you are breaking the law of chasisty every time you get on the bus.  Sometimes the buses aren´t bad but this morning people were packed in the aisle of the bus and you pretty much have someone touching every part of your body.
Well, I hope that everyone had a great week.  The church is true!  The work goes on!  We are teaching a couple families and we are excited about that.  We are having success and we are definitely excited to have General Conference next week.

Hermana Bush

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