Monday, March 22, 2010

Heartbreaks and Laughs

This week has been a good week but we have seen some terrible things and had some great times. First off I want to let you know I got the first package with the socks and the shirts!  Thanks.  I really like the short socks that I can wear with my church shoes.  That way I don´t have to wear nylons every day.  And the new shirts fit just great, George.  I have gotten some of your letters, so thanks!

So we have this less active man, Omar, that lives in our ward that we just found because he wants to come back to church.  He told us that 2 years ago he was the director of seminary over the stake and he was sealed in the temple with his wife and then he fell.  And he fell hard.  I don´t think I have already told a little bit about him but his life has fallen even harder this week.  We taught his one lesson about the sacrament with his mistress and her son a week ago and we had a return appointment last Sunday and he told us he wanted us to teach his mistress the word of wisdom.  When we came back on Sunday he wasn´t there.  Last Monday we were walking home at night and this drunk lady was screaming in the middle of the street at us.  We ignored her especially because she had a scratch on her chin and her arms were bloody.  Then I took a better look and it was this man´s mistress!  We kept moving.  The next day we tried to visit them again but no one was there.  His landlord finally told us that Omar was in jail because he hit his mistress.  And the story goes on.  We were talking with the bishop how we can help and he said that it is difficult because his mistress is involved in a gang!  Oh man.  Every time I think of his life I get really sad to think about how his life has fallen so low.  We aren´t going to go back because we don´t want to get involved with her.

Another heartbreaker was on Sunday we went to go pick up the 3 kids to go to church, Briant, Erika and Kevin.  They were all ready to go but their mom is a beast.  They started leaving and then she called Erika back because she hadn´t washed a dish good enough.  And then she hit her twice really hard on the back and didn´t allow Erika to go to church with us because she had to wash the dish again.  Beating children is a cultural thing and a lot more common here, but she really really hit her.  We are still just praying for a miracle that her heart will some how be softened.

So, here in El Salvador they also have random giant frogs.  We see 1 about every other day.  The other day it had just gotten dark and we were walking and I was on the side walk.  Something hit my calf and we kept walking a little bit because I thought I had kicked some random, weird shaped stick.  But I looked down and there was a huge giant frog that I kicked as it was in mid jump!  I screamed and ran a little bit as my companion just laughed and laughed.

So you know that I really don´t like bugs and so naturally I would be sent to El Salvador when the bugs are bigger and more plentiful.  After one long day of work we came home and Hermana Cash was at the sink thing that is outside of our house and she said there was a giant cockroach there so I naturally wanted to see it.  She sprayed the cockroach with Raid to kill it and it went wild.  It ran somewhere and we were trying to find it.  Then she point at my leg and I jumped like 50 feet high and as I jumped I felt the cockroach land on my foot and then it squirmed on the floor and died.  I was so scared and I screamed!!!  Again Hermana Cash laughed and laughed.   You would have screamed too if there was a cockroach on your leg.

Today for pday we went to a soccer field in Santa Ana with 3 other zones and we got to play soccer for the first time.  We aren´t allowed to play soccer with the elders so it was fun to play with the 8 other sisters there.  It was great.

Just a quick answer to your question mom: we live in a two floor apartment and I don´t know if it is earthquake safe.
I hope that every one has a great week.  I love hearing from you and seeing your pictures.


Hermana Bush

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