Monday, March 8, 2010

Month of Miracles

¡Hola Familia y amigos!

This was the first week of March and me and my companion decided that we were going to see miracles this month so we made up a slogan: <>. We thought we were really clever because the all start with an m. But whenever anything bad happened this week we had to repeat our slogan to ourselves. That is the new theme for this companionship is that we are expecting miracles. As long as we put in the work, God with help us. Maybe we won´t see success now but we will feel proud of our efforts. We actually do have a lot of success because we have 10 baptism dates. The hard part is that they fall easily. Everyone wants to talk to us because we are gringas but the hard part is getting them to keep their commitments and go to church.

This week we had some great experiences. Last Monday night we had FHE with Maria and Julio. They are inactive, especially Julio who has big problems with alcohol. But they love us to come visit. They are really poor and they don´t have any running water or electricity. So, we had FHE in the dark. It was pretty fun. They did have one candle and a fire that they were using to boil water so we could eat hot chocolate. They are super humble and we had a great time trying to read by candle light. For refreshments, we had hot chocolate and pan dulce. You probably wouldn´t like the hot chocolate here because it is pretty much just hot water. Well, I don´t know, I can´t tell the difference but it tastes really good to dip the pan dulce (sweet bread) in the hot water.

This week my companion and I also wanted to see how many pupusas we could eat. So, after we were done with the day, we bought 20 pupusas and had a feast. I finished my 10 pupusas but my companion could only get down 9. I win! It was hard though. I felt stuffed. We also bought soccer jerseys and we got on the back ¨Bush Cash¨. When we introduce ourselves as Hermana Bush and Hermana Cash everyone repeats back BushCash. I guess it is kind of funny that only 2 letters in our last names are different.

I don´t remember if I already told you this but oh well. One of our past investigators (the drunk that we had to drop) always had really interesting prayers and one time he said ¨Te doy gracias por mi Bush y mi Cash¨. I had such a hard time holding it in. We had a good laugh about it afterwards. Mauricio, who was baptized 2 weeks ago, also has good prayers because he says ¨Señor¨ a lot. You don´t understand though. Last time I started counting in the middle of his prayer and I got 45. He makes us so happy though because I know that he was truly converted and now he is telling us people we could visit.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon again this morning which was really exciting. My desire to read the scriptures has really changed in the last 4 months. Now, I wish that I could have one free day that I could read all day.

Thank you for all your support! The church is true and the work goes on! Everyday we have spiritual experiences and everday I get another confirmation that this is the Lord´s work.

I love you

Hermana Bush

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