Monday, March 1, 2010

Hola Familia!

This week was good.  Today is the first day of the new transfer.  It is really relaxing not to have to change at all and to stay with the same companion.  This past week went by really fast and really slow. On Tuesday I got a cold and so I felt really out of it this last week. It is not really all that fun to be sick and to sweating and walking in the sun.  I felt like a walking zombie. But, on Wednesday there was a miracle!  The weather was strangely mild and there was a nice breeze almost all day long.  I feel fine now, just a little congested.  It
was funny though because I sound like a man.  Hermana Cash has a hard time not laughing when we were singing hymns because my voice is so rough.

Yesterday there was a country conference.  It was at our church and they showed the conference over satellite.  We were excited because we only had to go to one church yesterday.  We had 8 investigators at church yesterday.  We were so excited but we had to laugh because 7 are under the age of 13 and the other one is 17.  Maybe we should start looking for people with life experience too.

Three of our investigators are siblings and they are super poor.  They don´t have any runing water or light.  We feel bad for them because a member that goes to school with them told us that they have to no
friends because they have lice and they always wear the same thing everyday.  When I heard this my heart broke.  These kids are so special and bright and they truly want to know more about the gospel.
Here in El Salvador everyone throws there trash on the ground and in the mornings, women rake up all the trash and they burn it on the side of the road.  I love the smell of the burning trash.  Every morning I wake up and I feel like we are camping because it smells like campfire.  I think that the smell of campfire will forever remind me of my mission.

Also, people here love music from the US.  I remember the first day I was here in El Salvador I was walking down the street and a store was blasting ABC from the Jackson 5.  I have come to realize that people here love Michael Jackson and Phil Collins.  Those are the singers that I here the most.  It is hard for me not to sing along. Oh!  And this week we saw a ton of gringos at the ruins.  They were really funny looking and then I realized, ¨Hey, that´s what I look like!¨ We were so excited to see them and then we said hello to them
and they just looked at us.  Then I asked if they speak english and one of them stared at me for a second and said ¨yes¨.  We had a good laugh at how awkward they were.  We just wanted to talk to them but oh
well.  They were from Canada.

I am going to send pictures!

And I haven´t got a package yet but I heard that the mail comes and then they sit it the mission office for months before you get them.

Hopefully I will get something soon.

I love you!
Hermana Bush

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