Monday, May 24, 2010


To my beloved family and friends,

The news is in.  I am going to go to San Salvador today to train as the new nurse or not nurse.  I will probably have two cambios with the nurse and then I will be left alone and have to be in charge.  It scares me.  This is the last thing that I thought would ever happen to and it makes me scared.  At least that means that President trusts me and likes me, right?  So I leave Chalchuapa this afternoon and I get to train to be in charge of the health of the mission.  I am excited because I will learn a lot of great vocabulary that will for sure help me with my future career and the nurse told me that they look at a lot of laboratory results and so I will learn how to read results.  Cool huh. But still I had to tell everyone that if they wanted to live, don´t get sick.  So, I got to say all my goodbyes here in Chalchuapa.  All my bags are packed and I´m ready to go.... It is hard to change though because you realize you much you love the people that you´ve met and how much you feel like a part of the ward.  But I know that my new area will be great too and I am looking forward to serving in only one ward!  I am not sure what my new area is called though so sorry about that.

This week has been a little strange because we were a trio of sisters that last 3 days because one of the sisters went to Belize and they leave early for transfers.  So that was fun and then we spent all of Saturday touring the elders around the area so that they can have a little idea of where people live.

So, people say the funniest things in English. Most of the time the men say ¨Hey Baby¨  or ¨My love¨ but the other day we were walking past these young teenagers and one said ¨Where did you go on vacation?¨  I kind of gave him a strange look but he repeated in about 7 more times until we were out of hearing distance.  But I really don´t know how people know that I speak English because I feel like I just fit right in:)  I don´t realize how strange I look till I see pictures that we have taken and I am twice the size of some people.

This week we have been working with our investigator who has a problem with pornography.  He told us that he has some DVDs and so we said, bring them here and we will destroy them.  So finally he brought us his five DVDs and he did the honors of breaking the first one with one hand and then we got to join in on the festivities.  It was fun and I hope that he enjoyed it too.  He has been really good and hasn´t had a problem this week and so hopefully he will continue on his ¨process of purification.¨  He is one of my favorite people in the world and it was sad to say good bye.  We shook hands and then he started to go in for a hug and I had to say that I couldn´t give him a hug.

This has been such a busy week but yet I can´t think of much that has happened.  Life is great.  My new companion is named Hermana Schmidt and we have met.  She is a really big girl and she is really fun. I am sure that I will enjoy these next two transfers with her and I am looking forward to learning a lot.

I love you all and the church is true!

Hermana Bush

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