Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello family and friends!

This week has been filled with transfer gossip.  There is one more week of the transfer and that is all people talk about. Even the members get into it.  So, I will share with you all the gossip I know.  Right now the areas that I am in are Chalchuapa and Casa Blanca but next transfer President is moving the Zone leaders to work here because the Stake President lives in Casa Blanca and he is moving all the zone leaders in the mission to the area of the Stake President.  So, pretty much I won´t be here next week.  I am not sure where I would go.  There is a possibility that I will go to San Salvador and be trained as the new fake nurse.  I call it fake nurse because the real nurses are ending their missions in August and so someone needs to be in charge of the health of the mission.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.That is the gossip around here.

So, it is the middle of May and I when I went downstairs and found a surprise!  There were a whole bunch of bugs outside.  Actually my companion said that they are called the sonpopos de mayo and as a translation, it means the gigantic flying ants of May!  It was a terrible surprise.  Luckily there were only a few in the house but I killed at least 10 that were outside and I didn´t even make a dent in the effort to exterminate them all!  So, again, if you don´t know, I really hate all bugs and I do not feel any pain in killing them.  The other day I was reading in Preach My Gospel and there is a little quote by a prophet and he said that after his baptism he felt so clean and pure that he didn´t want to hurt a single fly.  When I read that I felt a little bad because I want to hurt every fly but then I justified myself because the mission gave us a can of RAID and so they must want me to kill the bugs, right?  My companion said that she has always heard of the sonpopos de mayo but has never seen them so big and they only last during this month.  She said that she has never really seen them this big in El Salvador or in Honduras.  Well, aren´t I lucky.

Barrio Casa Blanca (ward Casa Blanca) had an activity this week for the young men and women and we had a meeting with the bishop, so we got to join in on the festivities for a little bit and we ate ¨pinchos¨ or shishkabobs (I don´t know how to spell that). But it was fun to learn the word in spanish and I was surprised it was like a normal word because the English word is so funny.  People like to ask how to say things in English and the members had a good time saying shishkabob.

We really have only two positive investigators right now.  One has a baptism date for the first of June but she has enough church attendances that she can be baptized this week and since my companion and I are both leaving the area, we are going to try to push the date up for this week.  We´ll see how that goes.  Our other positive investigator has gone to church 5 times and we have taught and taught but it was the iceberg.  He said he was never getting an answer to his prayers and we know that he really wants to know if the church is true.  But yesterday we found out the bottom of the iceberg.  He has an addiction to pornography.  It was really depressing to find out but I know that he´ll get baptized some day but he just has to overcome this addiction and I think he is willing to do it.

I am trying to send pictures but the computer downloads them really slow.  So, you will just get one picture.
This picture is me with Hermana María and Hermano Julio.  I didn´t really realize how big I am and how tiny they are till I looked at this picture.  I talked about them last week in my letter.  They were the ones that gave us the reference.

I took pictures of the house so eventually you will get them when I send home the memory card.

I love you all.  Thanks for all your support!

Hermana Bush

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