Monday, May 3, 2010

Time flies


Another week has just flown by here in El Salvador.  It feels like I just emailed you yesterday.  I can´t believe that it is already May.  Even though this week flew by, not much really happened.

I am really sorry for Mom and Dad in Maryland with 90 degree weather and muggy.  It must be really hard to find sanctuary in an air conditioned car and an air conditioned house:)  Actually the weather here hasn´t been as bad this week because it has rained a couple of days. When it rains, it is not nearly as hot.  One night I went to bed and I thought to myself, ¨Self, the temperature is really comfortable.  How strange.¨ Well, maybe I didn´t say it exactly like that.  But again, today is really hot.

We had a miracle this week!  At the multizone conference last week, an Elder gave us a reference and so we went to go contact this lady.  We found her and had a lesson with her.  One of the first things she said was ¨It´s not true what everyone says about the church.  You don´t worship Joseph Smith.  He was a prophet that was called of God to restore the truths of the gospel.¨ My jaw dropped.  You're right!  She has a testimony and everything.  The only problem is that she has deformative arthritis so it is hard for her to get to church and she lives far away.  She said that she was going to go to church but then didn´t go so we are going to have to work with her a lot more to get a way for her to go to church.  Another thing is that she is really poor.  But the location of her house is beautiful.  She live in a Colonia called El Tesoro (The Treasure) and it is right near the River Pampe.  There are tons of banana trees and other trees and you can hear the river below.  It is really pretty.

About a month ago, Hermana Cash and I found a list of the recent converts of 2008 for Chalchuapa.  There were about 30 names and I know 3 of the people on the list.  We showed the list to bishopric member and he only knew the same 3 names.  The other 27 are not active!  How terrible.  So this week we wanted to meet one more person.  We went looking for a man named Noé Aguirre.  After a long search we found his mom´s house and she told us to return Sunday.  When we came back, she took us to the house of Noé and he was happy to receive us into his home.  He said that his life has been really hard since his baptism.  The Elders married him and his companion but soon after his baptism, his wife and him had a fight and she left him and robbed all of his stuff.  As he told us this story, he started crying and I felt so bad for him.  But this experience has helped me realize that I have a heart and I really want to help the people here.  He is also really poor and his house is held up by bamboo sticks, covered by tin and the walls are a tarp that he wrapped around the bamboo. (Well, I guess it is not bamboo but sugar cane or something).  One thing that I was worried about going on a mission was if I would be able to love people that I don´t know but I am finding out that with time, you really learn to love the people and have a desire to help them.

One last thing that I forgot to tell you that mom would love to hear.  A long time ago Hermana Cash and I were contacting and we contacted a house and they let us in and it was obvious that the man that lives there makes marimbas!  At the end of the lesson (which was not positive at all because the wife thinks she has the priesthood and can heal) they gave us a little concert and the grandpa and two of his grandsons played a marimba together.  The song that they played was so happy and we couldn´t stop smiling for the rest of the night!

Well, thanks for all your prayers and everything.  I love you so much.  The work goes on here and we are working hard!

I love you all.

Hermana Bush

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