Monday, May 10, 2010

pday mornings

So, it was fun to talk to you all on Saturday night.  I don´t feel like I have much to write about last week but a lot of things happened yesterday and this morning.  We got a reference from some crazy members and so they went with us Sudnay after church to visit their friend.  The members are named María and Julio, I know crazy names huh.  But they live on the outskirts of the city toward a river called Trapiche.  So, they said, oh our friend just lives a bit down the road.  So we go walking.... and walking.... and walking for like minutes and we pass all these fields with cows grazing and lakes and streams.  It was really beautiful even though we had no idea where we were.  Finally we reach this random house and Julio marches in and starts talking really loud to this little lady who is hunched over.  And he kept talking about crazy things.  He would raise his arms up and say ¨we have the holy ghost, if you have faith you will be healed. You need Christ¨ and he he went on and on and on.  And the lady just looked at him.  Finally we were able to butt into whole intervention and give a quick lesson on the plan of salvation but she is a little mentally not with it.  She told us that sometimes her mind leaves her.  I think that she has just lived alone and far away from civilization so long that she just gets lost in her own mind.  I don´t know, it was the weirdest thing every.

So, I don´t know if everyone knows but I love to sleep and I prize every minute of sleep I get.  So, at 5 this morning the zone leaders called and said, ¨No one told you, but we are having a zone activity this morning and meeting at the stake center toplay sports. And we are meeting at 6.¨  First off, I wasn´t prepared for that.  I was mentally prepared to sleep another hour and a half.  So that was dissappointing.  But we went and it was kind of lame because all the elders wanted to play soccer but we can´t play soccer with the elders so we passed a ball on the side.  But there was a rooster running around the grounds of the church.  A little old lady walked up to the back gate of the church which was locked and asked if we would catch her rooster for her so the Elders caught the rooster but then they could get it to her because the back gate was locked and we don´t have keys to the lock.  But the lady told the elders to climb up the gate and throw the rooster over the gate.  So, that´s what they did.  But I have never seen a rooster more scatter brained.  He threw the rooster over and the rooster landed on its back and ran away to its home.  That was a hard story to explain.  There are four sisters in the zone.  There is another gringa, Hermana Beckett.  Right before we left she did something with the soccer ball and twisted or fractured her ankle and she can walk on it but it hurts a lot so we spent the morning playing and then trying to find someone to be able to drive her to the house and then buy medicine.  It was a bit stressful but as the family saying goes: it could be worse...could be me.  The nurse said that she has to stay in the house for days and if it still hurts she has to get an xray.

Finally some news for Eli.  I asked the sisters in Panamericano if they knew someone named Calderon who was baptized within the last 5 years.  And, they said ¨Yes, he´s the bishop.¨  So, Eli´s convert is now the bishop.  I hope that makes him happy.

Well, this week was kind of slow.  We had our interviews with President this week and that was nice.  President is really nice even though he can be strict sometimes.

I hope that everyone is still doing good.  The church is true.  I really know that this is the true church and that this is the Lord´s work .  There is no other church on the earth that has the authority of God that was restored to the earth.

I love you all.

Have a great week


Just so you know, this letter was hard to write because the exclamation mark and parenthesis don´t work on this computer.

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