Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preparing for cambios

So this coming Monday are changes and so things are lively here as the nurse.  It is a bit different because we have a very busy schedule.  We have to house the sister missionaries that are going to Belize, coming back from Belize, ending their mission and just beginning the mission.  Luckily they come in waves.  So far we have only had the Sisters goin to Belize.  They came yesterday in the afternoon and left our house at 5 this morning.  It would be a lot more fun if I didn´t prize my sleep time.  But I had a good time because Hermana Stout from the MTC and another sister from zona Chalchuapa came over and so last night was just like a big party.

This week has flown by just like every week and it is also the start of a new month.  My companion is depressed because we haven´t baptized but we are very optimistic for July. We have a ton of references from members that are progressing. When my companion came here, President told her that Las Palmeras is the hardest area in the mission.  I can´t believe that it is the hardest but since it is in the city, it is harder.  We realized that knocking on doors does not work.  The only new investigators we can really get are references.  Many times we knock on doors and we can see in the house and the people see us and they walk away.  Sometimes they look out their windows and walk away and it is so obvious.  I think that if people are going to open their door to us they should at least try to hide themselves so we can´t see them.  Just a little common courtesy:)

So I told you about the really cute Latin guy that we taught last week and he was super positive but then he didn´t go to work for week but finally he came back last night and so we taught him.  And we found out that he is marries.  He is 21 and his wife is 34 years old.  I was a little creeped out about by that and he just wasn´t as positive last night.  We´ll see but I don´t think that we will go back a lot.

I have a hard time remembering what happened during the week.  I am learning new words every day.  Some of the interesting words I learned this week were: secuestro (kidnap), tiroteo (shootout, I won´t tell you why I learned these words), amígdolas (glands) and subasta (auction). No but really, Latins here are very careful and worried about everything.  There was a gang shootout 2 weeks ago at night in our area but not where we live.  A ward from El Salvador was going to the temple in Guatemala the other day and after they crossed the border to go to the temple, a truck followed them and finally pulled them over and tied up all the members and robbed everything they had.  Hours later, a farmer found them and says that he finds people there but they have always been dead before.  He said it is a miracle that the people didn´t kill them.  It seems like everywhere we go someone tells us a bad story and they are all worried for the future of their country.  Last week we went to a souvenir shop and a key chain said ¨El Salvador: Mi tierra.¨  And when I read that I teared up a lot and I realized that I love it here and that I can´t imagine going home again. 

Well, we are still working:)  Every day is an adventure because you never know what will happen.  Just know that the work is true and that we have really been guided by the Spirit.  We have asked some members for references because we felt strongly that they had some and so we are excited to go out this week contacting references.

I love you all and pray for you.

Hermana Bush

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  1. Dear sister Bush
    I have been reading this blog for a few weeks now the reason being that 1 I was born in El Salvador,in San Salvador to be precise, many years ago and was baptized there when the church was very new,I came to the US with my family in the early 70's and we have lived here since then.2 I wanted to see how the church is progressing there,when I left we were meeting in a rented house and there were very few members.I love reading your daughter's experiences,she has such a sweet spirit about her.I know that the Lord blesses them everyday for the work they are doing.Sister Kam