Friday, July 23, 2010

Loving the work and the people?


This week has flown by and dragged along at the same time. It has really been an interesting week. We had a baptism last Sunday night! We were really excited that it actually happened because there were a ton of bumps along the road. We were planning on having the baptism on Saturday and but that morning a member called us and said that there was some youth activity in the church the whole day and that there would be youth running around hooting and hollering. We thought about it for a long time and decided it was best to change the baptism. So Sunday we went to church and we were so excited to have a baptism that day and we showed up and there was no water in the church. El Salvador is strange because the water will go out for days or a week and there is nothing that we can do about it. The church does have a cistern that hasn´t been used for ever so it wasn´t a shock when we tried to use it that it was broken. So, we decided to go to another capilla in Merliot (neighboring city). And luckily Victor Molina was cool with whatever we said. And he got baptized and bore his testimony and it was so powerful. He is a good convert. The next time we talked to him he said that when everything was happening to change the time of his baptism he thought that maybe he just wouldn´t do it. I am so grateful that he went through with it and he said that he is glad too. He has a wife and two children that do not want to hear anything about the church but Victor says that he prays that one day they will change and want to go to church with him.

So last week I wrote you about Walter. We have been teaching him for more that a month and we thought he was so close. But let me just say, things have changed. This week we went to visit him and we shook hands and the moment my companion turned around he handed me a note. I didn´t read it and at the end of the lesson he told me that the note was just for me and not for my companion and then my stomach dropped. So when we were out of sight of his house, naturally Hermana Schmidt and I read the note together. And Walter wrote me a little love note! I am still disturbed by this because he probably just goes up to my shoulder. But the note just said that he has liked me since we met and he is always thinking about me and he wanted to tell me in person but never had the opportunity because my companion is always around. Then it ended with he wanted to know what I thought. This happened on Tuesday and so we haven´t gone back. I still get a little barfy feeling when I think about it. Well, we decided that he probably just wants a green card. But it makes things really awkward because he lives on the ways to everything and he lives in his car shop and so he is always fixing cars when we pass. So, that has been really annoying.

Another annoying thing that happened is they said that the new nurse won´t come till transfers week in 3 weeks. I was really excited to have the new nurse come early so that Hermana Schmidt and her could have nurse to nurse talks and I would just sit on the outside like a spectator. But doesn't seem like that will be happening anymore. Now I am scared for the welfare of the missionJ

So we have three baptisms tomorrow! Two are teenagers and brother (Alejandro and David) and the other is the husband of a member. We are really excited. Baptisms are great but they also bring a lot of stress having to plan everything and making sure that every one comes. It is harder too because our Ward Mission Leader doesn´t do anything. But the great thing about this ward is that there are a ton of people and so we have ward missionaries and they are really helping us in the work.

Thanks for all your prayers. We are working hard and loving it here. Hermana Schmidt and I are having a great time together.

Con Amor

Hermana Bush

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