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President changed our pdays to Friday.  So here I am writing a day early!  So many things have happened this week!  So, this last Sunday was Fast Sunday.  We got up early on Sundays like always and then ran around to gather all of our investigators.  We were happy that 5 investigators came to church this last week.  And it was also testimony meeting.  At the very end one of our investigators got up to bear his testimony and at first we were really excited and then I got nervous about what he was going to say (since it was his second time going to church). In his testimony he said how great Hermana Schmidt and I are and how we were angels sent to work here in El Salvador.  Then he told a story about how when he was young he got sick and everyone thought he was dead and how a man dressed in white came and healed him and at that moment he told the person that he would preach the word of God. But he said he hadn´t done so till that moment in church.  And then very fittingly he raised his Bible and with more strength in his voice said ¨This is the word of God!¨ and ended with ¨Amen and Amen¨.  All of the evangelical churches like the screaming and the very powerful Amen and Amen.  But we were proud of Victor.  He is still learning little by little and it took a lot of guts to get up in front of every one.  Later on that week he told us that he was talking religion with a friend and his friend asked what church Victor goes to.  And he said ¨I go to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a Mormon¨.  We are happy with his progress:)  But really, we are happy with him and he accepted to get baptized next Saturday the 17th of July.  We have 3 very positive investigators that are going to get baptized next Saturday.  Another one is a 12 year old named Sharon.  Her family is inactive but she went to church 4 weeks ago with her grandma who was visiting from the states.   We started visiting the family but it was so hard because the dad likes to talk too much and so we could never teach Sharon because he had so many questions.  But a miracle happened! The dad got sent to work in the states for 5 months and now we can talk Sharon.  The mom is really excited about returning to church and went this last week with Sharon. But Sharon is so cute and has this really big smile whenever we talk about baptism.

So on Tuesday night one of our investigators was so nice to feed us refried beans and bread and cheese.  That is the typical meal here.  I enjoyed myself all the way till Wednesday in the morning when I woke up at 4 in the morning with tons of diarrhea and a huge urge to throw up.  I felt terrible and couldn´t go back to sleep.  I didn´t want to wake up my comp but promptly at 6:30, she woke up and ran to the bathroom with the same symptoms.  So we did a poo exam and turns out that we just go food poisoning and we were well on our way to recovery but the time day was over.  But that was a terrible experience.  I always forget how awful it feels to be sick till I get sick.
Another thing that is great!  The new nurse is going to come in the middle of this transfer.  I don´t know why she is coming early but I don´t mind at all. She might be coming this next week or in two weeks.  I am really excited so that the nurse can train the nurse and then when Hermana Schmidt leaves I can just help out.  Woohoo!  That relieves a lot of stress.

I hope that everyone had a good Fourth of July.  I forgot all about it.  I had planned on wearing my shirt that is red, white and blue but I didn´t remember.  Oh well.  Maybe I would have gotten shot.

I am sending you some photos! One is of me and Hermana Muñoz.  She lives in our house and is one of the other missionaries in our ward.  We are good buddies even though she is probably more than a foot shorter than me.  It was funny because we took these pictures a week ago and we were looking at the pictures this morning and we were both wearing the same thing!  This last week we also paid someone to make a piñata of President Lopez.  We are going to give it to him on Monday but we have had a good time taking pictures with him.  And finally, I am sending you my only attempt so far for an artsy picture.  It really is just a bug on a leaf.
I love you all!  I hope that everything is going well.  We are working hard and seeing some success in the ward! We are really excited!

Hermana Bush

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