Friday, July 16, 2010


¡Hola familia y amigos.

It has been a good week. A bit stressful but good. We are having one baptism tomorrow and maybe a second one. The hardest problem about the city is that no one is ever home! There are more things for people to do in the city and more work so it is hard to find people besides at night. We have three people with baptism dates and all five of them can only meet at night so that presents a problem. But we are really excited for the baptism that is for sure going to happen tomorrow. His name is Alejandro Ortiz and he is 18 and his good friends are members. He has had problems with the Word of wisdom and the Law of Chastity but he was so willing to change and has a deep desire to know the truth and have a good life. We are really excited and are crossing our fingers that everything turns out good. The people in El Salvador tend to be a little flaky so we are just praying that everything can happen so that he can get baptized tomorrow.

We are also teaching this really cool guy named Walter and he is a big joker. Well, he lies to us a lot. For instance he said that he was 22 years old and that he has 10 kids. He loves to mess with our minds. Sometimes it presents a problem because we don´t know if he is being serious or lying to us. But no importa. He went to church and he loved it and wants to get baptized. He was living with a girl but she moved out yesterday. So we are on our way with him too. I love seeing people change and have a real desire to do what's right.

So we gave President his piñata on Monday and we really liked it. We didn´t want to just give him the piñata so we made up a holiday for President Lopez. We made up el día de los Presidentes or really just President´s day and we made a card and had all the office Elders sign it and they were all excited about it. We also gave him another really special present for President´s Day: the extra family band CD mom send me (the poor sucker, now he is stuck with it). But really we tried to have a good time with it and it was better because the Elders were in on it too.

So, mom said that Maryland had an earthquake and guess what we had an earthquake yesterday! I was really excited because it was my first earthquake! We were in a lesson and the person was about to read a scripture all of a sudden my companion was saying ¨Espere, Espere¨. And so we had a moment of silence to experience the earthquake. It wasn´t very big but just a bit wobbly.

So, just one last cultural thing. When someone wants to go to the bathroom but doesn´t want to say that they need to go to the bathroom they say ´Voy a hablar con el chele¨. It is funny because here, chele means the white person. So they are saying they are going to talk to the white person.

Also, I met a guy about a month ago and he asked me where I was from and I said Colorado. Then he said, ¨Really, I had a mission companion from Colorado named Elder Stevens.¨ How weird. His name was Oscar Mejía (I think) but it is very strange to meet people that know Eli.

Well, I hope that everyone had a good week. We are going to seguir trabajando (I just thought I would throw that in for mom). We are enjoying our time. The office said that they don´t know if the nurse is going to come early anymore and she might just come at the beginning of the transfer. So, I am going to pray harder so that she comes sooner.


Hermana Bush

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