Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas this week to everyone! It has been yet another great week. First off I want to say Happy Birthday to Mom! I love you. And I want to say thanks to the Kaisers, Sister Shepherd and Carlee for sending me things. This week has gone by so fast and now we are more than half way through with our time at the MTC. Only 4 more weeks to go. I sent home some pictures yesterday and I had a little problem with the copy thing so there is an explanation of that with the letters I sent home. But part of the photos on my memory card is a video of my district singing a Christmas song. It is funny because we usually sound so terrible but this time, the Elders tried to sing in tune so it sounds a lot better.

This last Sunday was the best Sunday ever. They play Music and The Spoken word every Sunday and we decided to go this week. It was really fun to listen to Christmas music because sometimes I feel like we are void of any Christmas decorations and music. Then for Relief Society, we had Sister Uchtdorf talk to us and I didn't even have any idea what she looked like! But she was very cute with her German accent and she had a great message. On Sunday I was assigned to be the music person in our branch. Pretty much I just have to ask people to play the piano and conduct and then I have to give a mini lesson to every new district on how to lead music. It will be pretty easy. But, I think that after the last two districts left, I am the only person in the branch who can sight read hymns so I may have to pressure some people into practicing.

Yesterday, Hermana Layton and I signed up to teach a lot at the teacher evaluation center. We talk lesson 1 four times in Spanish! The teachers always assume that the people they will be taught by are beginners, so they always say that they are impressed with our Spanish even if we do mess up a lot. But I really feel like I have really improved with my Spanish. When we were teaching, sometimes I would say like 3 sentences in a row without thinking about the language. I was really impressed with myself. We are just happy to be seeing the progress we have been making.

So we have 5 devotionals this week alone and rumors have been spreading about which apostle(s) will be speaking to us. My district got really sick of all the rumors and so we decided to make one of our own. So here it is: on Christmas Eve, Donny and Marie Osmond are going to come sing and dance for us. Pretty much, they are bringing their Vegas show to the MTC. I think that that is pretty believable. We wanted to spread it but I feel bad telling people to their face because that would be lying but I don't feel like it is lying if you are walking in a big crowd and talking about it with your companion in a really loud voice:) Well, that is probably like the most evil thing that I have done at the MTC and so I don't feel too bad.

I am so happy it is Christmas time and even though I am not home, I think that we will have a great Christmas in the MTC! Hermana Layton and I have been trying to sing as many Christmas songs as we can so we got up this morning and sang Christmas songs as we showered at the same time. It was really fun, but kind of awkward because there are a lot of sisters in the bathroom. Since it is Christmas this week, the temple is closed the whole week and next week which is too bad but we get a lot more time on pdays. I am supposed to remind you that I cannot call home on Friday but you already knew that. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and I love you all!

Hermana Bush

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