Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Week 3 in the MTC

I am now 1/3 of the way done at the MTC.  It has been so much fun and I really love my district.  So, now that we have been together for so long, I am starting to get some nicknames.  It is really funny.  At the beginning I was called Hermana Boosh and now it has transformed to Hermana Babushka.  I don't know how that happened but it makes me laugh all the time.

Sometimes they call missionaries names over the intercom throughout the entire MTC and already I have been called 3 times! All for silly things that aren't important.  But whenever they call my name over the loud speaker, they say Elder Crystal Bush.  So, now some of the Elders like to tease me by calling me Elder as well. It's all just fun and games at the MTC.

This week we went to the Referral Center where we get to call people or chat with people on Mormon.org.  Last week my companion got a chat that said:  I was sitting at lunch and some other kids were talking and pretending to be Mormon for "street cred".  When did it become hip to be Mormon?  My companion and I laughed so hard.  We tried to tell him about the gospel but he wasn't really interested.

Another funny story.  We have three companionships in our room.  So there are six girls and we all get along really well.  But last week when we were going to the gym, my companion and I decided we wanted to race two of the other sisters.  And so we were running and we ran past this Elder who looked at us and said "I would expect that from Elders, but Sisters?"  I guess that sisters aren't suppose to have fun.

A couple days ago, I met an Elder in the zone whose last name was Brady.   So I told him that my mom's maiden name is Brady and guess what we both come from Mirven Elias Brady.  It was a good thing that we got the family history done the morning before I entered into the MTC.  Then he told me another Elder in the Zone was also related.  I talked to this other Elder who said that he has family from Fairview, Utah too but not through his Brady side.  I think he said that the last name was Jacobs or Jackson or something that comes from Fairview.

At the MTC, our classroom is on the main floor of one building and the floor above us has all the strange Europian languages.  Sometimes, when we are studying we'll use a classroom upstairs because people are usually not up there.  So two days ago we went upstairs and we studied in the Lithuanian room.  The Elders that are going to Lithuania came in after a while and I had to tell them that I was a quarter Lithuanian.
My companion and I get along great.  We decided that we have almost identical personalies and so I decided that I really like myself:)

Here is the Spanish lesson for this week because mom wants to know more.  A teacher from Mexico said that if you say "no me da el avion" or don't give me the plane, you are saying don't blow me off or ignore me.  Unfortunately that is if you are going to Mexico and not El Salvador.

I had a great week and I am happy to be here.  We are learning so much about the Spirit and the Gospel and I can't wait till I can actually go to preach to real people instead of fake investigators!  We are teaching lesson 2 from Preach My Gospel this week and I love it because I love the plan of Salvation.  I hope that everyone had a good week!

love you lots!
Hermana Crystal Bush (Babushka)

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